5th revised edition   

92 Artists     209 Color plates     German    English


NOW 46 years old this superb art tome has got to be one of my favourite possessions –

A 1971 catalogue raisonne of the Ludwig Art Collection of American and British art focusing mostly on the Pop Art of the 60’s. It is itself a work of art.  Designed by the artist Wolf Vostell, it has everything:

The materials – A Plexiglas spine, stainless steel screw binding, silver sheen silk paper, brown paper, graph paper, and beautiful printed acetates with the photographic image of each artist between pages of text and illustrations of work.  Each image is hand fixed to the page, they are of different sizes, some fold out.

It has pages with Explanation of Terms:

Fallenbild        Term by Daniel Spoerri: “Articles that are found in some accidental situation – whether orderly or disorderly – are fastened to whatever base they were found on in exactly that same configuration… Example: The remains of a meal are attached to its table top and then hung up on the wall.”

 It has typewriter text on graph paper for Artist Quotes:

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Just some of the artists:

Carl Andre / Arman / Joseph Beuys / Jim Dine / Marisol (Escobar) / Nancy Stevenson Graves / Richard Hamilton / Eva Hesse / Jasper Johns / Richard Lindner / Piero Manzoni  / Louise Nevelson / Gerhard Richter / Paul Thek / Andy Warhol / Wols

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