©Laurie McCrone

All the causes of death in men in Scotland over a 10 year period

Assault/Heroin/Alcohol Poisoning/Tuberculosis/Viral Hepatitis/Methadone/Ecstasy/Neo-prostate/Chronic liver disease /Stomach ulcer/Melanoma/Diabetes/Meningitis/ etc. etc.

The adding machine spews out thousands of recorded causes of death in men who have died in Scotland in a 10 year period.  The personal, the emotive, and chaotic impact of each death; the loss of a father, a son, an uncle, are stripped away in the churning of numbers into statistics that so easily, in a society fixated by statistics, become banal.

Laurie McCrone in the act of meticulously hand-writing the causes of death of thousands of men in Scotland from official records (including that of her own grandfather) helps to restore personal identity – a constant theme in her work – flipping the impersonal to the personal she reminds us that behind each dot of the number is the person.