© Jamie Limond `Beep Beep’

What’s the appeal of this painting, titled after The Road Runner?  Because all the physical components taken together are spot on: The painted image reminiscent of an old cartoon backdrop (more on that below), the painted signature (think old style signatures and Fred Quimby), the soft blue plastic with its intentional tear, its squareness (TV screens used to be square) and its overall “chunky wrapped” feel.

The Road Runner, pursued by Wile E. Coyote,  has left the frame at tarmac burning speed. What artist Jamie Limond gives us is a  light-saturated landscape (Texas? Arizona?), a hint of an horizon, and speed, with the familiar cartoon repeat clouds and bushes.

Jamie does something else too – we’ve grown used to the old animation universe of illusion, the cartoon laws of physics, where Wile E. when over the cliff edge is able to defy  gravity, peddling air before plummeting to the bottom of the canyon, or the lifting of the corner flap of a drawn scene to let us enter into an illusionary space – here in  `Beep Beep‘ we’re brought up short, there’s a tear in the screen, behind it  blank solid wood.

Beep Beep is both witty and sophisticated – an artist’s exploration of a different visual language, economically executed.

Jamie Limond graduated in Fine Art and Printmaking,  Glasgow School of Art