©Laurie McCrone    Every Name in the Herald on Monday the 6th of March

O Women, Where Are You?

Good question! and Laurie McCrone goes to great pains to find them – in a daily newspaper.  This might look like an image of the former World Trade Centre at night but in fact it shows one day’s edition of the Glasgow Herald.  Every page has been scanned and every male and female name highlighted.

Why? – Because Laurie McCrone is both an accountant and an artist and in her work she literally and artistically accounts for the hidden, invisible, and missing.  Here she accounts for the women whose names are highlighted in white, against the men’s’ names in turquoise. Counting and marking every male and female name on every page a small isolated cluster of white marks appears against a sea of turquoise. 


Few would have the perseverance, to spend hours reading, sifting, quantifying and then mark making to present us with the hard evidence of gender imbalance. This is what Laurie does  – she does it methodically and truthfully with the evidence embedded for all to see in a stunning visual print.

Today, on the Herald’s website under the list of reporters, critics, and writers, 46 are men, 15 are women.  This represents a wider issue and the need for women to be visible, and for gender balance to be what we all expect.

I first met Laurie at her degree show at Glasgow School of Art – I love the fact that her training and skills as both an artist and accountant are seamlessly brought together in her work. To know an artist accountant, or is it an accountant artist (?), is a rare thing.

Lambda digital print on aluminium. Editioned.